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Pregnancy Testing & Ultrasound Referral

Pregnancy Testing

We provide a laboratory-quality, FDA-approved urine test that can detect a pregnancy within minutes, often as soon as seven days after conception.

You do not have to sign up to be a client prior to testing, but you will be asked to sign a short, one-page form confirming the results of your test

What if my test comes back positive?

We want to increase your resources to empower you to make the choice that is best for you:

  • You may be excited, scared, or upset to find out you are pregnant. We are here to listen and support you as you process your feelings.

  • Your next step is to schedule an ultrasound.  This is important no matter what pregnancy decision you may be considering.  We can connect you with a referral to a free ultrasound.

  • We can also connect you with community resources, including programs for food, housing, and employment.

Want to learn more about your options?  Visit our Pregnancy Consultation Page to learn more about your options, call 509-773-5501, or text 509-767-7379 to contact us today!

What if my test comes back negative?

  • You may feel a mixture of emotions after a negative pregnancy test result.  No matter the result of your test, we are still here to support you. 

  • You are welcome to come back for another test at a different time.

Contact us for your test today!

Referrals for a free ultrasound

  • Ultrasound is a reliable way to confirm a pregnancy.

  • An ultrasound can confirm that the pregnancy is in the uterus.

  • An ultrasound can determine the gestational age of the embryo. (Gestational age is important to know even if you plan to have a medical abortion/abortion pill.  See Mayo Clinic).

  • We can provide you with a referral for a free ultrasound and help you set up an appointment.

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