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Prenatal and Parenting Education

You can be the parent your child needs.

Why do I need education?
  • If you are pregnant, education gives you tools to keep you and your baby healthy during pregnancy.  It will also help you feel more confident and prepared for birth and parenting.

  • Whether you're parenting a newborn or a teenager, everyone has room to grow.  Our education will prepare you for the different stages of your child's development

Woman with baby free parenting classes

  • Watching education once/month gives you access to our free store and other services!

Preview our education below!
What topics can I choose from?

We have fun and informative videos with on many topics:

  • Pregnancy/Birth

  • First Year

  • Toddler

  • Parenting

  • Coparenting

  • Parenting Teenagers

  • Life Skills

  • Love Lessons

  • Special Circumstances

  • Positive Partnerships

  • Fatherhood Lessons

Most videos are about 20 minutes long with a short homework section.  You choose where you start!

For a more detailed lesson list, click here.

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