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Abortion Recovery Care

Why do I need recovery care?

Although some people feel relief at first after abortion, these feelings can change to symptoms of post-abortion trauma days, months, or even years later.  Post-abortion trauma can include feelings of grief, anger, or shame, as well as depression, flashbacks, suicidal thoughts, low self-worth, and other symptoms.

This is a safe and confidential place where your privacy is our first priority.  We provide an environment that promotes healing and restoration for women and men who have experienced the loss of a child through abortion.

We invite you on a journey where you can begin to process your emotional pain and be restored to wholeness, experience hope, and live in peace.  It's never too late to begin.

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What does recovery care look like?

The abortion recovery process includes these three important steps:

1. Breaking the power of secrets

Talk with someone who understands. Your peer mentor knows what you are going through and will guide you as you open up. Whether the pain is fresh or old, you are not alone.  Take courage and share the truth.

2. Finding forgiveness

For many people, this looks like recognizing that God still loves you and that your baby forgives you.  It also means forgiving yourself instead of holding yourself in shame.

3. Finding closure

Finding closure looks different for each person.  For some people, closure comes through memorial service or naming the baby they lost.  We are here to help you figure this out.


Part of the recovery process is grieving.  These feelings may be difficult to face, but it is okay to feel them.  You are not alone.

What if I'm not religious?

Many people who are not religious experience post abortion trauma.  We believe that the pain associated with abortion is not only an emotional difficulty, but spiritual as well and that the deepest healing is found through a connection with the God who loves you unconditionally.

However, we understand that everyone is in a different place in life.  If you don't feel comfortable discussing God at this time, that is okay.  We're not here to pressure or shame you.  Rather, we care about you. We want to listen to you and support you as you work through the past and discover a healthy future.  If you prefer a non-religious curriculum, just let us know.

Contact us today to start healing.

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