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Will I be pressured about my reproductive choices?

Can I schedule an appointment outside of regular hours?

What should I expect from my visit?

What referrals can you do?

Will I be shown disturbing images or abortion related images?

Important Questions you may be asking:

I just found out I'm pregnant. Now what should I do?

  • Before you make a decision, make sure you explore all of your options so that you can make the best decision for your situation.

  • At Goldendale Pregnancy Resource Center, we're not here to judge or force you to do something you don't want to do. If you want, our staff will go over the facts about ALL of your options with you.

  • We understand that sometimes you need a place to feel safe in, share your story, and process your thoughts. We are here to listen to your needs.

What if my test comes back negative?


  • If you are not pregnant, this is your chance to decide whether or not you want to be in this situation again. Sexual activity outside of marriage exposes you to numerous risks. These risks can be physical, emotional, and spiritual.

  • If you would like, we can provide you with information and peer counseling to help you examine your lifestyle and choices.

Do I have options?


You have three main options. Adoption is a wonderful alternative that is often overlooked. Adoption gives you much control and flexibility. You have the power to choose a family, as well as how much contact you will have with your child. We can help refer you to an adoption agency if you feel this is the best decision for you.

What if I don't think I can be a good parent?


  • We provide peer counselors to help you understand your parenting options and direct you to area resources that can help.

  • The DVDs and worksheets in the Earn While You Learn Program provide you with information and tools which will enable  you to be the best parent you can be.

  • If you want professional counseling, we can refer you. Your peer counselor will be there to support you through every step of the process.

Will anyone know I came to GPRC?


All of our services are confidential, which means we won't tell anyone (parents, friends, etc.) you visited us without your written permission.

I have already had an abortion. Can you help me?


  • Know that you are not alone. Many women experience pain and suffering following an abortion no matter how long ago it took place.

  • If you are dealing with grief or guilt because of your abortion decision, we want to help you. Email us, drop by the center during open hours, or call us to schedule an appointment

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