Abortion Recovery Care

Support groups of women that have "been there and done that" and are looking for healing from the hurt they experienced as a result. No judging, just hope and healing.

You may be feeling isolated because of an abortion you have had. You are not alone. 33% of American women have had an abortion at some point, but rarely ever talk about it. For a myriad of reasons, conflicting emotions stop women from talking, or from seeking the emotional help and healing they deserve. 

While relief is the primary reaction immediately following an abortion, professional counselors assert that many women also struggle to process the painful thoughts and emotions which can arise from the experience.  Guilt, self-destructive behaviors, anxiety, depression, and relational problems are commonly experienced by women in need of healing from their abortion experience.


The first part of healing is to find a safe supportive place in which you can talk about your experience. Healing is possible, and we stand ready to be that protected space for you.  You will find no criticism or judgement from our caring staff. There is no need for you to grieve in silence.  Reach out, you are not alone. We offer counseling specific to those who have gone thru an abortion, as well as support groups. We can also refer you to an outside counselor if that is desired.

Image by Aaron Burden